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Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 7.41.45 PMTHE VAGINA DIALOGUES OPEN SOURCE ARTICLE - Dr. Veronikis/St. Louis

Women come from across world to have St. Louis doctor remove their pelvic mesh : Lifestyles

superhero_VThe following article is in today’s St. Louis Post-Dispatch article about Dr. Veronikis, “The Sling Slayer.” I hope many women read it and find there are others in pain from the failed medical device known as polypropylene mesh.

Was this your experience with Dr. Veronikis? Let me know @themeshwarrior on Twitter or email me at themeshwarrior[at]gmail[dot]com! I have interviewed him and spoken to many women about their experiences, and I’d love your opinion, anonymously if you prefer! For now, here is the story – one of “leaving in tears… able to make love again… handmade purple hearts… and yes, superhero surgeon caps.

What do you think?

Women come from across world to have St. Louis doctor remove their pelvic mesh : Lifestyles.

What Former Dallas Mavericks Star, Steve Nash, Can Teach Us About The Personal in Personal Injury

Aaron Leigh Horton, The Mesh Warrior

What Former Dallas Mavericks Star, Steve Nash, Can Teach Us About The Personal in Personal Injury.

I think the Lakers player deserves a Standing O for his Open Letter, filled with honesty, humility and truth.


Your Advocate and Warrior

Connection between autoimmune response and synthetic petro-based medical implants?


Very forward thinking woman! I’d love to know your thoughts, Meshies.

Originally posted on The Mesh Warrior:


Dr. Claudia Miller – The University of Texas, School of Medicine – San Antonio

Dr. Claudia Miller thinks so.  Take her assessment/evaluation BEFORE any implant here:

View original

Make Lemonade from Lemons. Make MUSE-ery from INJURY. . . . What pain taught me this Halloween!

So, I tripped. On some rocks. On Halloween night. No substance abuse. No costume. It was the curiosity that killed this proverbial cat. So here begins. . . . MESH TAKEBAKES… duh, duh, DUH!!!!  INJURY to MUSE-ery!

HALLOWEEN INJURY (No make-up needed, swollen, blue and disfigured – perfectly naturally!):



turned into…

MUSE-ery when “COOLNESS FACTOR” of wearing planned costume dropped by 98.4% automatically with totally inappropriate shoe choice and wince of pain on painted face.

But, I was not to be defeated… so, if you can’t beat ‘em, draw ‘em – right? Whatever! You get the point. Let your pain be a teacher. This is my fourth drawing EVER. I didn’t even know I COULD draw until it hurt too much to do anything else! Thanks pain for teaching me how to draw missed opportunities! She’s a Catrina. She’s’ already dead, she’ll be waiting for me next year!



So. . . what did YOU do differently THIS HALLOWEEN. I drew, yup, that’s it. I just drew

Life is so different these days due to my mother’s personal tragedy, and subsequently, our family’s personal tragedy. All my “norms” are “new norms” now, with a lot of new people. I was SO EXCITED to dress up for Dia de Los Muertos this year as “La Catrina.” To some, this iconic figure is a pagan god or just a weird skeleton, but to this beautiful Mexican culture, the significance of the reverent, yet joyful figure and day with its artistic endeavors, celebrates en masse, the life of memorable loved ones.

Stories are told, as if around a campfire, and traditions are fulfilled, not dutifully, but with exuberance for those loved and lost. It’s an annual and national time for grieving loss, with and around others. It’s year-by-year, another inch of healing/understanding and learning more about a loved one in death, than maybe you even knew in life. Americans often don’t understand or respect the nature of this celebratory grief. The traditional day is safe time to grieve in perpetuity; still getting on with life, but knowing there will be a day celebrated by ALL the grieving every year, for continued healing and more funny post-humous stories. That’s pretty special.

La Catrina is the female icon for this celebration, so I bought almost everything for the dressing up . . . and then. . . . I dislocated my ankle ONE DAY BEFORE and couldn’t dress up.

So, I did what I asked YOU ALL to DO: Make a new tradition. Make something bad into something good.

“If I can’t be with my family on Halloween, I’ll do something else to soothe the soul; I’ll dress as La Catrina!”

And then,

“If I can’t wear La Catrina; I’ll do something else to celebrate. I’ll draw her, I said!”

My "La Catrina," the way I would have dressed. She'll be here next year. :)

My “La Catrina,” the way I would have dressed. She’ll be here next year. :)

So – I did. Here she is.

She’ll be waiting for me next year.

After all, she never dies. . . . duh.

WHAT DID YOU DO FOR HALLOWEEN that was new this year?

New Forbes Article sheds light on Y2K Numbers of Deaths by Medical Error. . .

Hello fans; friends and fellow Healthcare Warriors;  

Robert J. Szczerba/Forbes Contributor

Robert J. Szczerba/Forbes Contributor

*** A day after I published this blog, Forbes came out with the following new perspectives based on a much ore recent study. Please compare and see how conditions have changed. What do you think? Has enough changed?

My Blog post from November 6, 2015 — A good read before the above, updated info. for some facts, figures and comparisons.

Please see this information about hospital infections as compared to other lethal medical harm, based on a 2000 study done by the conservative, JAMA (Journal of American Medicine). This study is only of AMERICANS. I am not being political (I know it’s voting day). I am being COMPARATIVE using analogies we can all relate to from the news. Cool? Cool.

EVERY YEAR in THE U.S., THERE ARE 106,000 DEATHS by ADVERSE EFFECTS of FDA approved drugs per year as measured by the study in 2000. This number has of course increased year over year.

EVERY YEAR in THE U.S., THERE ARE 783,926 DEATHS caused by the combination of Medical Harm listed in the chart below.

My point(s):

I fear that hospital infection (while certainly VERY TROUBLING) is what I will call “a decoy problem” or a “false dichotomy” being presented to us by the medical and big pharma, based on the rhetoric from physicians at recent conferences I’ve attended regarding “medical error” as a combined number of deaths, not broken down into death by “type of medical error” and of course through my own study. The chart below came from JAMA, Volume 284, Number 4, July 26, 2000 and is authored by Dr. Barbara Starfield, MD, The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Hygiene and Public Health. 

My observations/questions for us all to ponder:

1) Are we focusing on the right discussion?

2) Do we all understand the GRAVITY of the death toll from our willing participation in a broken system that is becoming more so?

3) If we are to follow certain standards with how we are to treat doctors, how do we demand a standard they follow with regards to us? It is not okay for a doctor to yell, talk down to or make (what some would call, and which I have certainly seen with my mom) intimidating demands of us?

4) If a sick person must pay $25 dollars for an unforeseen missed appointment, should I give my doctor any invoice for my hourly rate when he is 1.5 hours late to my appointment?

5) Are we not just bring up problems, but DEMANDING and CREATING solutions?

6) These are ALL huge problems, but should we focus on the bottom third or the top third? Seems like we could certainly address that bedsore issue with existing technology.

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 11.07.14 AMThat aforementioned, 12-yr-old study documents the following (If she dies, my mother would fall into categories #3, #4, #5 and #6, so I don’t even know how to account for that. Bring out the statisticians.)  

1) Death by drug side effect = 106k   

2) Bedsores (really, bedsores???) = 115k  

3) Medical Error = 98k

4) Infections = 88k

5) Surgery = 32k

6) Unnecessary Procedures = 37k




TOTAL RISK OF BEING KILLED BY ONE OF THE MEDICAL MEANS ABOVE = 2x or 6,200% HIGHER RISK than your chance of being shot on the streets of some of our most dangerous cities; and some by means of some our most well-known and shameful violence (Sandy Hawk, Columbine, Aurora, Kent State, UT Austin).


-Another perspective, just the DRUG RELATED DEATHS FROM ADVERSE EVENTS (106k) is equivalent to the number of people killed in the Aurora Theatre Shooting in 2012 – except the massacre would have had to happen EVERY HOUR of EVERY DAY for 365 days to equal the number of FDA-approved drug deaths.

-Another good perspective (for me anyway) is that every day for one year, a JUMBO JET airline crash with a full cabin would have to crash every day, again to equal the FDA-approved drug deaths by ADVERSE EFFECT (not even including the 510k process), again this study published in the year 2000.

As Patient Advocates, our goal is not to be at odds with doctors; the goal is to try to work with them to together fill the gaps that exist in the current system. That doesn’t seem to be as welcome as it should be, given the numbers we see year after year of needless injury and death, in my humble opinion.

What America can learn from Mexico – about DRUGS and HEALTH!


Dr. Jorge Garcia D'La Rosa of Mazatlan, Mexico

Dr. Jorge Garcia D’La Rosa of Mazatlan, Mexico

My interest in writing this TODAY comes not with politics in mind but on the heels (no pun intended) of my own recent injury.

I dislocated my tibia from the other bones in my left ankle in Mexico on Halloween night – NO SUBSTANCE ABUSE INVOLVED; NO DANGEROUS COSTUME (in fact no costume at all) – just simply walking down a cobblestone street with debris of concrete, rocks, uneven grades and an overly-zealous curiosity to see inside an giant and beautiful abandoned hacienda.

After my fall, my husband drove us home and called a doctor (most make house calls here), and a very kind, compassionate doctor, well-educated & bilingual GP drove to our home within 15 minutes, gave me informed consent about everything, as a matter of his dignity it seemed to me. Down to the brand and make-up of the needle he was using for a shot of steroids and B-12, and when I did not like the brand of needle he had with him. Many needles are/were made of non-sterile Polypropylene plastic which have been sent to 2nd/3rd world countries since the bad press in U.S. caused them to fall out of favor in the early nineties. I couldn’t verify this needle was not polypro, so Dr. Jorge Garcia D’La Rosa, M.D. WENT WITH MY HUSBAND, in street clothes on Halloween, TO THE PHARMACY TO BUY THE B/D SAFETY NEEDLE I ASKED FOR to ensure my safety and his ethics. 

I explained I wanted NO NARCOTICS, and that I cannot tolerate Acetaminophen or Erythromycin. He politely asked to borrow my computer and if he could sit at my bedside to look up the Spanish translations of the drugs he was giving me for my injury, and he brought his huge heart to this house call.

He explained everything to me as he was performing his duties in a polite and caring voice, even calling me “Honey.” OMG- get the politically-correct police here, STAT! He let me read the packages; asked me to watch as he opened each item and administered my treatments; sent me to an imaging center; asked me to look him in the eye so he could explain the gravity of my injury and how it could affect my ability to walk for the rest of my life if I did not follow his orders. He explained this was very important to him, because I am young and have a very good life ahead of me. He thanked God that my tibia was not broken. OMG -GOD! Get the God-Police out here, STAT! He called me by my first name, wiped my tears and stroked my arm as he treated me in the comfort and dignity of my home, with my husband present and at-the-ready. He left; told me I would be ok, and that he would come back tomorrow. He came back THE NEXT DAY to check on me.

My Treatment Plan and Rx?

-Bed rest

-Stay off of foot for one month; wear stabilizing boot from imaging center.

-One orally administered B12 vitamin supplement combined with a mild muscle relaxant and an NSAID for pain, every 12 hrs.

-One home-administered steroid shot in the bum for pain and inflammation every other day.

-A two-times per day ritual of physical therapy, which he showed me how to do at home instead of referring me to an expensive rehab center. This ALL (including the imaging, which I walked out of the hospital with!) cost me USD $130.

-A month of the medicines cost another 735 MXN (again, nothing to sneeze at, but do-able in a compassionate healthcare system). For an average Mexican national, probably a lot of money; but no third party (or hidden fourth and fifth parties) driving up any costs, and no danger of ruined credit or someone losing their residence because of unpaid medical bills. I have actually had a dentist here tell me that I could pay her whenever I could afford it. Um, what? OK- I’ll gladly bring back 700 MXN tomorrow, but THANK YOU!



SHOULD WE REALLY BE AFRAID OF THE MEXICAN DRUG CARTEL; MORE SO THAN OUR OWN MEDICAL MAFIA, dressed in pressed shirts and expensive suits? And yes, I realize we have a larger population than Mexico, but you can do that math on that one.

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 11.07.14 AM

1) Death by drug side effect = 106k   

2) Bedsores (really, bedsores???) = 115k  

3) Medical Error = 98k

4) Infections = 88k

5) Surgery = 32k

6) Unnecessary Procedures = 37k


DRUG CARTEL RELATED VIOLENT DEATHS IN MEXICO FROM 2006-2012 = in a Report published by Human Rights Watch criticizing Mexican security forces and estimating more than 60,000 people were killed in drug-related violence from 2006 to 2012.

*Source: CNN

Wanna have your own blog and use your own voice in the #TMWF community? POOF! I made ya one! Check it out!

Speak up!

Speak up!

Community participation will be THE MOST part of this social experiment, so please do weigh in. I WANT TO HEAR your thoughts, even if you don’t agree with me.

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YOU have a voice; use it!

YOU have a voice; use it!

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This is the community that you are building. If you want to change healthcare in this country, it’s got to start with YOU and what YOU WANT. You will be the ones who force change, if you want to participate in significant and helpful ways!

Love to all,


Thank you Lord for free speech and your TRUTH. I am leaving Facebook for good, because Facebook is no good anymore.

Looking towards the future with hope.

Looking towards the future with hope.

Hello friends, fans, Angels & Warriors;

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The Mesh Warrior is an advocate for those who have been wronged by the American Medical Establishment.

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